This pay-off has sturdy steel structure with a moving arm and a flywheel to allow the feeding of the wire to the machinery. The pay-off has two positions for the coils, one is feeding the wire rod in to the machine and the other position in “stand-by” and changing from one reel to another is possible without stopping the line.
The maximum loaded weight of the coils/reels is flexible.

Wire Rod Payoff, Overhead Payoff,Vertical Payoff For Wire Drawing Machine

The vertical pay-offs are recommended up to medium wire rod diameters sizes and are composed of two main devices that works in combination:
two (2) tilting fingers and one (1) pay-off tower.

Rod diameter: ø5,5 – ø12 mm
Max. coil weight: 6000 kg
Wire Quality: High carbon steel wire or heavy low carbon wire
Typical coil size: D int ø ~850-900 mm;D ext ø ~1250 – 1300 mm;Height ~1800 – 2100 mm

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