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  • High Speed Copper-Coating Line For CO2 Welding Wire,

    The CO2 gas welding process route:

    1 raw materials (Ф5.5 mm or Ф6.5 mm )→ steel pretreatment (including pay-off stand + machine shell+water cleaning + electrolytic pickling + high-frequency drying + cold wind dried) →LZ7/560 straight line drawing machine→SG800 h-wheel take-up machines

    2 FX800 h-wheel pay-off machines→LZ8/400(or LZ7/400 or LZ6/400) straight line drawing machine →tension frame →cleaning trough→SG630 h-wheel take-up machines

    3 FX630 pay-off machine→self-adjust tensile pay-off stand→steel roller bogie→hot scrub→electrolysis alkali bath→neutralization after alkali→electrolytic pickling tank→cleaning and activation tank→chemical coating bath→water wash  neutralization→hot  water  washing   electrical heating drying→bogie→tractor →SG630 H-Wheel take-up machine

    4 SG630 h-wheel pay-off machine→ tensile rack→wire winding(into each coil to 15Kg or 20Kg)

    5 BS4525 heat shrinkable packer for packaging, storage