1.Usage:The spooler is for taking up various metal wires from drawing machine.

2. Technical Data:
Wire Dia. 0.6-3.8mm
Speed: 600m/min Max.
Bobbin size: Dia.630X480MM
Motor: YLJ32M-4-11 or according to customer’s demand
Braking: pneumatic braking (air source provided by user)
Size: 1627X1300X780MM


Wire Spooling Machine/ Take-up machine

Function: to work together with wire drawing machine to take-up finished wire from wire drawing machine onto metal spool or bobbin.

It including driving system motor, belt pulley or gearbox as customer’s technical requirement, it has pneumatic clamping or disclamping system for metal bobbin, it also has traverse system which is driven by a seperated gearmotor (with power 750W or 1.5KW).

Spool size: according to different requirement as customer, it could be from 300mm up to 1250mm, mostly used spool with flange diameter 500mm, 630mm, 720mm, 800mm, 1000mm etc.

Motor power:  from 11kw to 37kw according to dfferent spool size.

Take-up speed: 0-20m/s, synchronized with drawing machine feedback.

Take-up type: feedback by torque type or by dancer displacemment sensor.

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