Rod Pay-Off Vertical

Paying-off wire is not just reeling wire off a coil in a single strand. It also prepares the wire for further processing in an effective way to maximize plant efficiency.  

Machine set-up:
Two tilting coil holders and overhead steel column with integrated snarl protection system 

Machine Operation:
The coil holders are hydraulically operated and lower to the horizontal position for coil loading. The coil holders then pivot through 90° to a vertical position for pay-off.

Key features:
  • Tilting coil holders with big round drum design
  • Wolfram carbide coated sheaves
  • Snarl catcher through a limit sensor which automatically stop the line
  • Easy adjustments of machine parts for increased user-friendliness.
  • Optional: Tilting platforms, extendable center, rotating gathering, coil rotation, Cone, Siemens, Allens Bradley and Lenze.
Technical Data:
Rod diameter:5,5 to 12mm
Coil weight:Max. 5000kg (2x 2500 kg)
Wire quality:Low to high carbon
Typical coil size:Øi 850mm
Øo 1250mm
H 2000mm
Overall height:6m
Wire magazine:9m

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