De-Spooling Machine Horizontal

The De-Spooling Machine Horizontal is available in different sizes dependent on your individual production requirements.

Key features:
  • The Horizontal Wire Spooler consists of a welded frame and a pair of opposed hardened steel pintle mounted inĀ substantial frame support
  • Driven by superior AC motor and suitable rated V-Belts
  • Equipped with pneumatic disc brake for holding the reel steady when stationary
  • Outboard pintle is fitted with live centre which can be moved axially by pneumatic means to open and close the pintle
  • The live centre holds the reel even if electricity or air pressure falls
  • Easy unloading of the empty reel by a pneumatic pusher
  • High user-friendliness and control with the local push button station
  • The pay-off reel and wire line is totally guarded and fitted with electrically and mechanically interlocked safety switches
  • Equipped with Pay-off guide pulley: As the wire leaves the reel it will be guided by a pulley that traverses along a steel shaft

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