Statablock Coiler Vertical

 Statablock Coilers are available in both horizontal and vertical pattern. The former design has its block on a horizontal axis and is normally used in high speed applications while the latter one has its block on a vertical axis and is normally used in lower speed applications. 

The Statablock Coiler Vertical is specifically designed to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Dead cast wire coil
  • Consistent wire quality
  • Efficient coil unloading
  • Pattern laid coil for high speed payoff and stability during transport
  • Consistent coil weight
Key features:
  • Semi or fully automatic
  • Special flyer design for dens pattern laid coils
  • Both clockwise and anti-clockwise coiling in the same set-up
  • Easy to set required cast & helix
  • Suitable for drums and formers of different shapes and sizes
  • Rotating table for pattern laid coils
  • Pusher for unloading

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