The vertical pay-offs are recommended up to medium wire rod diameters sizes and are composed of two main devices that works in combination:
two (2) tilting fingers and one (1) pay-off tower.

Rod diameter: ø5,5 – ø12 mm
Max. coil weight: 6000 kg
Wire Quality: High carbon steel wire or heavy low carbon wire
Typical coil size: D int ø ~850-900 mm;D ext ø ~1250 – 1300 mm;Height ~1800 – 2100 mm

Vetical type Payoff Unit for Wire Drawing Process

The vertical type pay-off system is used for uncoiling wire rod coils with diameters ranging from 5.5 mm to 16 mm and ensures continuous feeding of the line.
Each finger can load 2500KG coil, It is composed of two tilting fingers, where the wire rod coils are loaded in sequence, and a pay-off tower with sufficient height to guarantee high-speed wire uncoiling without tangles.

The titling finger adopt subsided installation, in order to reduce the height of pay-off frame. the titling fingers were moveable by hydraulic cylinders.The hydraulic cylinders equip with a hydraulic station.

This equipment has disorder wire stop device, and movable pulley for convenient threading, turning device for change the wire running direction.

Flipper Payoff Stand,The simple horizontal type pay-off stand for dry type wire drawing machine

The simple horizontal type pay-offs are particularly recommended for low carbon steel wire or middle carbon steel wire rod with diamter range from 5.5mm to 6.5mm
The horizonal pay-off beam and structure is made of a sturdy steel beam with tempered steel plates (that ensures long life of the wear parts and easy maintenance) and is used for the loading and unloading of the wire rods. Sturdy support columns equipped with set of mechanical tighten support the beam and are closed/opened during the operations (advancement of wire rod on the pay-off beam). In the uncoiling area special fins (hardened steel) and adjustable bars shake the wire reducing the knots and improving the opening of the spires.

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