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  • High speed copper coating production line for CO2 welding wire line

    The production line is for the production of CO2 welding wire, from diameter 5.5mm or 6.5mm to finished wire diameter 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm or 1.6mm by one-step production with high speed copper coating with speed of 25-30 meters per second.
    it includes pay-off, descaler, belt grinding machine, wire drawing line, wire cleaning line, copper coating line, skin pass and take-up.
    the total length of the production line be 65 meters.

  • High Speed Copper-Coating Line For CO2 Welding Wire,

    The CO2 gas welding process route:

    1 raw materials (Ф5.5 mm or Ф6.5 mm )→ steel pretreatment (including pay-off stand + machine shell+water cleaning + electrolytic pickling + high-frequency drying + cold wind dried) →LZ7/560 straight line drawing machine→SG800 h-wheel take-up machines

    2 FX800 h-wheel pay-off machines→LZ8/400(or LZ7/400 or LZ6/400) straight line drawing machine →tension frame →cleaning trough→SG630 h-wheel take-up machines

    3 FX630 pay-off machine→self-adjust tensile pay-off stand→steel roller bogie→hot scrub→electrolysis alkali bath→neutralization after alkali→electrolytic pickling tank→cleaning and activation tank→chemical coating bath→water wash  neutralization→hot  water  washing   electrical heating drying→bogie→tractor →SG630 H-Wheel take-up machine

    4 SG630 h-wheel pay-off machine→ tensile rack→wire winding(into each coil to 15Kg or 20Kg)

    5 BS4525 heat shrinkable packer for packaging, storage

  • Nail cutter of Nail Making Machine Accessories,knives for Enkotec Nail Making Machine

    knives for Enkotec Nail Making Machine, Nail Cutter of Nail Making Machine Accessories Nail cutter as one part of Nail making tools, there are some special shape, such as Cylinder and Cuboid . This is for ENKOTEC nail making machine. This product is suitable for ENKOTEC series nail making machine supporting consumables.A nailing knife is…

  • Respooling bobbin machine,WIRE SPOOLING MACHINE,horizontal spooling machine

    The spooler is for taking up various metal wires from drawing machine.

  • Reversed Bending Descaler,Steel Brush Descaler for Wire Drawing Process

    •Mechanical bending and abrasion descaling system eliminates the polluting acids of chemical type descalers.
    •Elimination of acid handling equipment makes the descaling unit much smaller than acid bath types.
    •Running costs are greatly reduced by using rollers and replaceable brushes instead of acids.
    •Scale handling is easier and the environment is cleaner because removed scale stays inside the descaler. (Optional vacuum scale accumulator avaliable.)
    •Descalers can be integrated into drawing lines to eliminate the need for wire handling between descaling and drawing processes. One-person operation.
    •Descalers are avaliable with either borax or lime coating and drying units.
    •Straight through, L-turn, and U-turn arrangements are avaliable to match your on-site needs.

  • Reversed bending descaling machine,Mechanical descaling machine

    Wire Pre-treatment: Used to remove mill scale and surface oxidation
    Rugged welded construction.
    Descaling by means of breaking and bending rollers.
    Wire working ranges up to 16mm
    Supplied with 3 or 5 orthogonal bending rollers
    Tungsten carbide roll inserts
    Adjustable straightener (SDC-10T)
    Motorized bending roller adjustment (SDC-12AGF/16AGF)
    Straight pass through wire rod threading for ease of stringing (SDC-12AGF/16AGF)