Reversed bending descaling machine,Mechanical descaling machine

Wire Pre-treatment: Used to remove mill scale and surface oxidation
Rugged welded construction.
Descaling by means of breaking and bending rollers.
Wire working ranges up to 16mm
Supplied with 3 or 5 orthogonal bending rollers
Tungsten carbide roll inserts
Adjustable straightener (SDC-10T)
Motorized bending roller adjustment (SDC-12AGF/16AGF)
Straight pass through wire rod threading for ease of stringing (SDC-12AGF/16AGF)

Reversed bending descaling machine,Bend descaler, Mechanical descaling machine

This machine is to remove the rust on the surface of wire rod, motor driven screws are set for easy movement of bending rollers to treat with bigger diameter wire rod.

Bending descaler  manufacturing process is  for removing mill scale from steel rods includes processing by:
• Reverse Bending Deformation
• Shot-blasting
• Combinations of Reverse Bending and Blasting

Descaler roller Diameter   140mm

Descaler roller No.    3+3

Max. inlet Dia.: Φ10mm

Bending Motor power: 0.55KW X2

Bending roller Transmission: By worm reducer