Rotating Die Holder is suitable to be installed on drawing machines. Its rotary movement insures a better wire lubrication when running into the die and helps the die to keep its shape without deforming it. It is available with or without soap box. The cooling for the die is in-direct type.
Reduce Die Wear and Increase Drawing Efficiency with Rotating die holder.
It is to apply a rotation to the wire drawing die around the axis of the wire while it is being drawn.

Manufactured according to production requirements
Motorized or with roller pulley rotation
Available in fast or slow rotation
Able to house 1 or 2 dies for a pressure die system
Models to accommodate variety of die size

1.Reduced Die Wear
2.Die Cooling
3.Improved Lubrication
4.Lubrication Boxes
6.Increased Drawing Speed

Overall Advantages

* Longer die Life
* Improved Lubrication
* Reduced Oval Wear of Die
* Lower Drawing Temperature
* Less Wire scarring
* Custom Lubrication box Solutions

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