Mechanical descaling removal is to use of mechanical methods to remove oxides on the surface of wire rods and process them into a state suitable for subsequent drawing.

The wire rod is bent through one or more sets of guide pulleys, and the outer edge of the wire rod produces a large amount of extension. Because the ductility of oxides is lower than that of carbide. Therefore, the oxide scale peels off the surface of the wire rod. Through the tensile test, it can be determined how much the various wire rods are stretched and the oxide scale will peel off. This can help determine an appropriate bending deformation parameter.
The Bending rollers with solid carbide steel inserted at the centre eliminate the need to change the entire roll since only the central part can be replaced Shields and labyrinth seals ensure double protection of the roller bearings utilized in the assembly

Key Features:

Descaler roller Diameter:140mm
Descaler roller No.: 3+3
Max. inlet Dia.: Φ10mm
Bending Motor power: 0.55KW X2
Bending roller Transmission: By worm reducer

•Mechanical bending and abrasion descaling system eliminates the polluting acids of chemical type descalers.
•Elimination of acid handling equipment makes the descaling unit much smaller than acid bath types.
•Running costs are greatly reduced by using rollers and replaceable brushes instead of acids.
•Scale handling is easier and the environment is cleaner because removed scale stays inside the descaler. (Optional vacuum scale accumulator avaliable.)
•Descalers can be integrated into drawing lines to eliminate the need for wire handling between descaling and drawing processes. One-person operation.
•Descalers are avaliable with either borax or lime coating and drying units.
•Straight through, L-turn, and U-turn arrangements are avaliable to match your on-site needs.

Compact space compared with acid pickiling line
High productivity with inlined drawing machine
Common base for bending unit & brushing unit enables easy installment
Scale collecting designing within this unit.
*Applicable scale vacuum collector (Option)

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