Machine characteristics:

1.The equipment is mainly composed of the main reducer, gear, drum, water tank, wire frame and electrical control system.

2.Water cooling circulation system is installed inside the equipment.

3.Each wire drawing reel is rotated by Y series motor through the gear coupling, according to the two different speed ratio of the cylindrical gear deceleration, so that the reel rotation work, the wire drawing reel is vertical, installed on the cover of the box, the gear is soaked with oil lubrication.

    4.It can be used to produce binding wire, galvanized wire and stainless steel wire.

    5.It suitable for drawing low, medium, high carbon steel wire, can also be used to draw copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metal wire.

    Product Parameter:

    wire inlet dia(mm)Φ1.4-Φ2.0
    wire outlet dia(mm)Φ0.3-Φ0.8
    Maximum line speed (mpm)1500
    Dies No19
    Mechanical surface reduction rate15%
    Constant speed wheel reduction rate10%
    Maximum elongation wheel diameter(mm)Φ280
    Speed wheel diamete(mm)Φ268
    Main motor power(kw)15
    Coiling power(kw)5.5

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