The main technical specification:

NameType and specification
EquipmentPayoff stand + LT(1+17)/350-4T wet drawing M/C+GS400 spooling take up M/C; Shaft of cone(4pcs) + traction wheel shaft(1pc) + spooling takup M/C; horizontal collocation.
Raw materialHigh and middle carbon steel ( 45#; 60#; 70#; 80# )
Inlet diameter2.5mm—2.2mm—1.8mm ( 1100Mpa) – phosphorated wire.
Final products diameter0.8mm—0.5mm—0.4mm (2200 Mpa)
Passive payoff standRod specification: outer Φ 800*inner Φ 460hight 1600mm plum brossom type rod. The payoff has broken-wire protection funtion, the speedcan meet with drawing machine.
Die arrangementTo be equiped one set of die per machine ( 1 set = 18 pieces )
Speed/ direction600m/ min ( 10m/s 60HZ )  left >>>> right
Total compression ratio94.8%
Average compression ratio15.2%
Cone collocation8 trough/ 8 trough + 8 trough/ 8 trough
Cone/ traction whillBody is 45# forged steel. Coated by WC, coaxio degrees ≤ 0.025 can use for 22000 hours
MotorThe motor of  drawing M/C is Y2VP-45KW-4P  electric motor with invertor.The traverse motor is Y2VP-0.55KW-4P electric motor with invertor.The Takeup motor is Y2VP-7.5KW-4P electric motor with invertor.
DrivenImported synchronnization belt and narrow “V” type belt is adopted by main machine, itcan redue the noise, the noise is nor more than 80Db.The motor with inverter are adopted by main machine and take up machine and these motors are fixed on one steel plate. Thay can reduce the shock when the motor started.The main transmission parts should be balanced,
Cooling for drawing machineThe die of out M/C, 1# dry-drawing die is adopted cycle water coolingThe die of inner M/C are adopted by all-immersing type and oil-injection type. When the machine is working, the die will be immersed in lubrication and when the wire goes in to  the die, the oil-injiection type is adopted.The die size: Φ 28*15
Cooling for cone-shaped wheel and traction wheelCooling for cone-shaped wheel is adopted by immersing type. The traction wheel cooling is adopted by cycle water cooling
LubricantThe pressure source of lubrication and cooling is from  out of M/C and provided together.The lubricant and cooling water is circular used which is out of M/C.
Die arrangementOut of drawing M/C: inlet 1# dry-drawing die.Inner drawing M/C: NO.02#_09#:  the first line die holderNO.10#_17#: the second line die holderNO.18# die: X-Y moving, the die can be adjusted.
Dancer wheelFixed-wheel group ( 04 pcs), dancer-wheel group (03 pcs).
Take-up400 spooling take up machine , loading and un loading is controlled by pneumatic.
Spool size400mm spooling                                weight: 45kg/spool
TraverseThe screw traverse is adopted by traverse, controlled by knob
Straightener14-wheels straightener is adopted.
Size and weightLength 6500mm x width 1500mm x height 2000mmWeight: 5000kg/set

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