It is used to drawing and annealing copper rod. In addition, it is applied to making electric wire. Our company will provide a series of production equipment to meet our customers’ need, concluding drawing machine, rigid frame stranding machine and extruder.

•Wet type drawing machines are best suited for breaking down copper and aluminium wires, and drawing iron and steel wires.
•Worm gear or spiral bevel gear capstan drive system reduces transmission noise and vibration.
•Take your choice of spooler, non-stop coiler, or bending coiler take-up systems.

Machine typeLHT400/13LHT400/11LHT400/9LHT400/8
Power controlDouble inverter control
Inlet Dia.(mm)8
Outlet Dia.(mm)1.2~3.21.7~3.22.3~3.22.6~3.2
Drawing Drum Dia.(mm)400
Fix speed capstan Dia.(mm)400
Max.Die No.131198
Drawing Speed(Max.)(m/s)15121211
Main Motor (KW)160(AC/DC)132(AC/DC)
Drum arrangementHorizontal type
Drawing drumCoated by tungsten
Drum lubrication typeImmersed type
Gear,bearing lubricationBy special pump,spray type
Online Continuous Annealer
Machine structureHorizontal type
Annealing wheel dia,(mm)350
Max annealing voltage(V)65V(DC)60V(DC)
Max annealing current(A)45004000
Take-up type(optional)Double Take-up/Single Take-up/Colier
Optional equipmentHorizontal continuous annealer online
Optional functionFast change die


According to customer requirements

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