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  • Reversed Bending Descaler,Steel Brush Descaler for Wire Drawing Process

    •Mechanical bending and abrasion descaling system eliminates the polluting acids of chemical type descalers.
    •Elimination of acid handling equipment makes the descaling unit much smaller than acid bath types.
    •Running costs are greatly reduced by using rollers and replaceable brushes instead of acids.
    •Scale handling is easier and the environment is cleaner because removed scale stays inside the descaler. (Optional vacuum scale accumulator avaliable.)
    •Descalers can be integrated into drawing lines to eliminate the need for wire handling between descaling and drawing processes. One-person operation.
    •Descalers are avaliable with either borax or lime coating and drying units.
    •Straight through, L-turn, and U-turn arrangements are avaliable to match your on-site needs.