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Welding Electrode Plant Wire Cutting Machines

High Speed Wire Cutting Machine is the machine specially designed for making welding electrodes.
It is in the procedure of electrodes making of steel wire cutting and takes good effect if it works with high speed wire drawing machines.
Max. speed is 1000 pieces/min with low noise, high efficiency, less spare parts. Wire collecting bucket is applied with signal sense to manage quantity of wire collecting automatically to reduce labor and working strength.
High Speed Wire Cutting Machine is the competitive replacement for normal wire cutting machine; the cutting length is 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, and 450mm.
High Speed Cutting Machine can reduce the noise from 80-90 dB to 10-20 dB than old type cutting machine.

Material: H08A
Wire diameter: Φ2.5mm,Φ3.2mm,Φ4.0mm
Wire length: L=300,mmL=350mm,L=400mm,L=450mm
Max. speed: 350M/Min
Total power for the cutting machine: 7.5KWX4p+22KWX6p+0.75KWX4p+1.1KWX4p

Wire Straightening and cutting machine is used to cut the wire coil into pieces for electrodes.