Vertical Drop Coiler For Take-Up High Carbon Steel Wire.Vertical Drop Coiler/Vertical Wire Drop Machine

Vertical Drop Coiler Used For Take-Up High Carbon Steel Wire

Main parameters:

  • Wire diameter range:φ2.0~φ4.8mm
  •  Max.speed:680m/min
  • Capstan motor power:30KW with inverter control
  • Capstan diameter:φ610mm
  • Drop wire frame motor:11kw motor with inverter control
  • The final wire coil size:φ560mm*1250 mm
  • Lift motor:1.8KW servo motor
  • Tray motor:1.8 KW servo motor with reducer
  • Tension wheel diameter:φ400mm

This equipment is equipped with the take-up part at the back of the wire drawing machine. The pulled out wire head is guided to the tension guide wheel, and then wound to the upper drum for 2 to 4 times (according to the pulling force required), and then passed through the pass beside the drum. Wind the wire wheel around the next reel for 2 to 4 times (according to the pulling force required). Operate the button to make the crimping wheel close to the wire. The amount of pressure depends on the operator’s experience.