GP3-15A Type Rolling Ring Drive Traverse Unit,Smooth Shaft Traverse Unit,Rolling Ring Drive,Rolling Ring Drive Unit

Rolling ring drives Type ACSeries just have One Rolling Ring linear drive with accessories, such as shaft,guide
roller,bearing block,steady bar,etc ,Our product are widely used in wire,steel wire,electrical wire,

GP3-15A Type Rolling Ring Drive Traverse Unit,smooth shaft traverse unit,Rolling Ring Drive,Rolling Ring Drive Unit

Prodcut Discription:

GP3-15A Type Rolling Ring Drive, Rolling Ring Linear Drive Nuts are non-positive drives which convert the Rotation of a plain shaft into linear motion. In contrast to Rolling Ring Drives, The Rolling Rings are not arranged to swivel ,But are fitted at a fixed angel of pitch, The speed being varied by varying the speed of the Shaft. The change of direction is achieved by reversing the direction of Rotation of the shaft.

Main Parameters And Installation Dimension:

GP3-15A Type Rolling Ring Drive,Rolling Ring Drives Type A Series just have one Rolling Ring Linear Drive , which are divided into eight types according to the diameter of the shafts. Our product are widely used in Wire, Steel Wire, Electrical Wire, Cable, Textile Industry Etc.

Model No: Linear Pitch                       Mm/R Axial Thrust                     Kg Weight                    Kg
GP3-15 1~11 11(110N) 1.2
GP3-20 1~16 16(160N) 2.5
GP3-22 1~16 16(160N) 2.5
GP3-25 1~25 26(260N) 3
GP3-30 1~25 26(260N) 3
GP3-40 1~32 42(420N) 10
GP3-50 2~40 70(700N) 20
GP3-60 2~48 100(1000N) 40