Continuous Pulley Wire Drawing Machine,OTO type wire drawing machine,Pulley type wire drawing machine,

The Continuous Pulley Wire Drawing Machine is a traditional drawing equipment,it is especially suitable for drawing medium,mild carbon steel wires
for standard parts with the diameter in 8.0mm.If it is equipped with a coiler take-up machine, discharging wires can be done with the
capacity in1000kg,and the wire drawing won’t stop. So it is especially appropriate for fasten industries.According to the requirement
of drawing from buyer,we can use single block or a combination of several blocks.The noise of the gearbox is less than similar
products’.What’s more,its gear is thick, it can be equipped with a normal motor or a speed regulating motor,Frequency conversion
motor frequency conversion control.Common motor frequency conversion control.

Type 560 550 450 350
Material Intensity δb≥110kg/mm2 120kg/mm2 128kg/mm2 δb≤140kg/mm2
Max. Dia. Of Inlet Wire 6.5mm-4.4mm 6.5mm 4mm 2.6-1.5mm
Min. Dia. Of Outlet Wire 2.6mm-1.8mm 2.2mm 1.6mm 1.2-0.8mm
Block 1 1 1 1
Max. average condensation 0.3 20% 20% 21%
Total Condensation 78-88.5% 78% 77.90% 78%
Max. Speed of Block 245m/min 260m/min 280m/min 200m/min
Total Power 22/30kw 18.5/22kw 11/15kw 5.5/7.5kw