Automatic Wire Nail Making Machine,Steel Nail Making Machine 1-6 Inch Best Price

Steel Wire Nail Making Machine

High speed nail making machine is our new design third generation type, it is different from traditional nail making machine, it can install the Nail counter to calculate the nails quantity, and also its max speed can reach 2000pcs/min. The nails (nails caps, nails point) produced by high speed nail making machine adopts the method of one time forming in mold, which make the nails very good quality very good, and also its shape is neater and more beautiful.

Fully automatic steel wire high speed nail making machine

Engineer testing hot sale new type high speed durable nail making machine

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Machine Model D-50 D-80 D-130 D-150
Max. Nail Diameter Φ2.2mm φ4.0mm Φ4.0mm Φ5.0mm
Min. Nail Diameter φ1.8mm Φ1.7mm φ1.7mm Φ3.5mm
Max.Length of Nail 50mm 86mm 130mm 150mm
Min.Length of Nail 25mm 38mm 75mm 90mm
Motor Power 7KW 7KW 9KW
Machine Speed 950/min 800pcs/min  520 pcs/min
Machine Size 200x90x200(cm) 200x90x200(cm) 200x90x200(cm)
Weight 2.0tons 2.0tons 2.0tons


1. High Production. 30% more capacity than common machines
2. Super energy-saving: actual consumption of High- speed nail making machine is about 7KW,1 ton nail output can save electricity about 20 degrees; while 2.5 sets of ordinary nail making machine consumption is 5-6KW due to long slide stroke and multi sliding friction parts.