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Welding Wire Preicsion Layer Winding Machine

1.Usage:This type machine mainly used for welding wire precision layer winding.The material is from wire drawing machine (steel bobbin) and after this machine
can make the package 15kgs,20kgs spool.
Working wire diameter range:1.2mm-3.2mm. flux cored welding wire
Final products package:300*180 (15 kg)

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Max. speed: 20m/s
2.Take-up machine

Take-up motor power: 5.5KW Motor with inverter
Fixture for takeup spool :drawing Spool
Note: The spool drawing should be confirmed before confirming the order.


Straightening device for the wire :Straightening device with 6/7 structure, the rolls can be changed as soon as change the wire size
Traverse device: Traverse device is driven by servo motor, controlled by PLC.Weighting Automatic weighting, automatic winding, the machine stops with slow down when the package weight is reached to target weight
Parameter input: Touch screen inputting

High Quality Wire Spooling Machine
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Fully automatic respooling machine

3.Payoff machine

Payoff machine motor: 30KW motor with inverter (suited for D800 steel bobbin)
Payoff bobbin:(Supply bobbin)

fully automatic respoolers
Fully – Automatic Precision Layer Winder
Ds-3f Bobbin Welding Wire Spooling Machine Rewinding Machine,,,
Ds-3f Bobbin Welding Wire Rewinding Machine

Unwinding function:The traverse function is available when the machine unwinding

4,Tension unit

Tension control :Constant tension ensures the machine working smoothly
Weighting: Weighting is by encoder
Sensor: LANBAO
Tension wheel: Wear resistant nylon material, wheel diameter:¢240mm

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5,Electrical cabinet

  • PLC :DELTA Brand
  • Inverter: INOVANCE Brand,
  • Touch screen: INOVANCE Brand,
  • The remote moule is available

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